sábado, 25 de julho de 2009


read the books, hear the songs
see the movies, play the games
the TV show is saying something
i don't know why, just want to be entertained
oh god, it's so good, i want to see it again
the sensation mesh has caught us all
now repeat it all over again

no matter how much money, who they buy
the real world's games of power and intrigue
are incapable of getting in
it's racially stylish, sexy and politically sportive
i can't help but love the songs
a national anthem or a religious prayer
come on, chose a song or i dare you live without one
the sensation mesh has caught us all
repeat it all over again

oh, i'm gonna see the new episode, FUCK YOU!

i was at the internet talking about my favorite stuff
but people kept saying it's never good enough
forever discussing what is best
and never finding it, that's the funniest part
the sensation mesh has us all
it's on the air again

say it, come on, whatever you want
take a look inside, outside, see how it works
they may know it all but how to stop
or why under the surface it feels so hollow
i said to myself "i want to do my own"
craft feelings, show them around
anyone can throw a net and catch a star
don't really want it, don't really have a choice
that's what it made me
want to leave it all behind

must be prepared to leave life behind

3 comentários:

  1. fierce wrath sun tzu style saeva indignatio

  2. there's nothing outside but the energy we keep together
    forever, timelessly, ask yourself what's a good life and that's all that matters, nothing will make you
    confortable but your own blindness, looking into nothingness with no regret.
    fading here but not there,
    If We Couldn't Die, We Would All Go Insane.
    it's real, it's all real, so small, yet so gigantic and eternal in the middle of nothing and nowhere, everything.
    imagine so. believe so. say so.

    it's us
    no doubt about it, this is really it indeed
    this is our form for now and these are our tools
    we can do anything given time

  3. "Ideas or the lack of them can cause disease." - Breakfast Of Champions