sexta-feira, 3 de abril de 2009


The Bourne wich was Robin, now Nightwing, actually was Max Paine. The actor you mean?
No. I'd rather prefer a Nightwing movie or game, if not, i would be lost. But what really bothers is that stolen photography, it makes even the trying not worthy.
Instead of a story, a collection of cliches in order to make a work. To continue the same, safe, normal and ok. The fear of failure, the floating doubt: "Will it be good enough? Will people buy it?". Makes the choice of the easy road, a formula for profit. A target audience dumbed up by accepting it as it is. Wich does not work because it is too repetitive and in the long term is forgotten by being nothing special. The lack of something to say made it equal to what had been said so they couldn't differentiate one from another.
Wasn't it enough to trust in yourself and work with pleasure and passion?