domingo, 22 de março de 2009


I never wanted to be an artist, but it is the only thing worth.
That and you insisted too much.
A kind of person that doesn't need anything back.
A post life organization where existing and being is atemporal.
Where you take into account the way you look at life.
I've done all i wanted but work for pleasure.
It was all i wanted and now i don't want it anymore.
Hunting trouble to make some art.
We could be contracting diseases.
in this life sentence.

sábado, 21 de março de 2009

psychological paradox

i'll never ask for when not the time
you can see it in my eyes, it communicates
as you lose control
testing the limits of the endings
where no rules ever apply, reasonless
and still persisting at the illusion
relentless insanity
psychological paradox

can you ever talk like a friend?
stop acting as if it's eternal
this individuality is conflicting
never quits or accepts it
but there is something eternal
are you up for it?
really? tell me why, explain it

sexta-feira, 20 de março de 2009


your work is worth
the money you need to eat
give your best at what you do
what do you do?

from nothing, adversity comes
no complaining
build it from scratch
when finished
you will see an illusion

are you tough enough
to take the truth
and keep taking it?

[notebook's reworked mix feb 2009 - updated 2 times]